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Jib Cranes

J250 Jib Crane by Givens Engineering Inc.

G-Rail™ Jib Cranes – Rethinking
the Jib Crane...

Up to 2000kg

J250 Jib Crane, 4m Boom

Advantage: A Very Lightweight Boom! 

Why don't engineers choose jib cranes more often? Usually it's because of the momentum of the boom, which tends to slow down the operator. We've attacked the inertia problem head-on, by creating one of the lightest booms on the market. 

Light weight begins with the G-Rail™ profiles, which feature an extremely high moment-of-inertia to weight ratio. They also have an unusually high torsional stiffness compared to traditional profiles. Notice the height of the profile relative to its width – maximizing the stiffness-to-weight ratio.                        

Advantage: Powered rotation when you want it.

When you need powered rotation, we supply an air tractor to move the load, as with the J2000 Jib Crane at left. 

But when it's time to move the load manually, you still can, by turning the tractor drive off: the tractor is disengageable at the push of a button.

Advantage: Most G-Rail™ Jib Cranes don't need foundations

None of the jib cranes shown here required foundations! 

Our baseplates are unusually large, so that in most cases, the jib can be bolted directly to a factory concrete floor. However, all jib crane installation details must be specified by a Professional Engineer.  
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