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Articulated Jib Cranes

Articulated Jib Cranes for better performance 

An articulated jib crane has a joint at the midpoint. This allows the jib to wrap around obstructions, or to approach a wall, where a straight jib might not be able to operate. Articulated jibs are generally-speaking easier to move than straight jib cranes, but they are more expensive. 

Articulated jib cranes have no crane rail and no trolley. The hoist is fixed at the end of the boom.                      
AJ60 Articulated Jib Crane equipped with air balancer and end effector for auto side bodies
AJ200 mounted on C2000 bridge crane rail, equipped with rotational brakes and electric hoist
Arm lengths are chosen to suit the task at hand. Arm 1 (nearest the column) and Arm 2 are each available in 10" increments.
Our articulated jib cranes are rated for their moment capacity, in-lbs. For example, an AJ60 has a moment capacity of 60,000 in-lb from the column. 

The moment can be estimated by: Boom length x (end effector weight + load weight) x 1.35 

We offer articulated jib cranes in these models: AJ60, AJ120 and AJ200.
AJ60 carrying an auto part
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