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Givens Engineering Inc. - Canada


PLC Controlled, Integrated Production Systems

Givens Engineering can provide integrated productions systems or one-off automated machines. Control panel wiring, PLC programming, wiring, mechanical design, fabrication, painting and installation are all handled in-house, ensuring that quality is maintained from conception to completion. 

 We have delivered machinery that is operated pneumatically, electrically, hydraulically or a combination of the three. Our equipment will be designed to work in conjunction with your existing production systems.

Previous Projects

The following are examples of custom automation that we have provided for our customers:
Automated Seat Transfer
Picking up and carrying seats from one side of an assembly line to the other. We provide PLC and programming, light curtains, assembly, installation and startup support
Automated Chassis Transfer
Grips a truck chassis and transfers it from the end of one assembly line to another. The system is controlled via Allen Bradley PLC and is integrated
Roller Conveyors
With cross-transfer of bins. We also create PLC-controlled automated conveyors
Electrical Panel
Under construction, with PLC touch screen and beacon
Scissor Lift
Pneumatic or hydraulic scissor lift for line-side material storage
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