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Introducing the Indoor Outdoor Crane

August 21, 2023

At Givens Engineering, we’ve started a patent for a very unique crane that can roll over a gap. And that means that a roll-up door can close through the gap.

This means that trucks do not have to enter your building; the crane can move outside, lift the load and move back inside, leaving snow and dirt outside – where it belongs!

Indoor Outdoor Crane

This novel type of crane has been in use at Givens Engineering for several years, with good success.

Heavy loads are continuously lifted from trucks outside and hauled inside on a daily basis at Givens Engineering in London, Ontario.

Trucks pull up outside the building and are unloaded by the crane outdoors. With the roll-up door (a standard roll-up door) open, the crane drives back inside bearing the load.

No modifications to your dock or roll-up door are necessary!

The key to the success of the Indoor Outdoor Crane is a specially-designed, very long end truck, built to roll over a gap in the rail.

Indoor Outdoor Crane

Each bridge (the moving rail) is driven by 2 tractor drives, as shown, which propel the bridge over the gap. When one tractor is passing over the gap, the other will be driving the load forward. The tractors can be either air or electric and are controlled from the same pendant as the hoist.

Ordinarily, very expensive indoor space is wasted by devoting a portion of the building to a truck entrance; with the indoor outdoor crane, trucks can remain on the outside.

Capacities can be 100kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1,000kg and 2,000kg.  

The Indoor-Outdoor Crane can be seen in action in this Youtube video: 

For more information, check out our Indoor Outdoor Bridge Crane page.

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