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G-Rail™ Bridge Crane Capacity

Givens G-Rail™ Bridge Cranes are custom designed and manufactured bridge cranes that are ideal for industrial environments. Consisting of parallel runways and a bridge that spans the gap, a hoist is used as the lifting component and travels along the bridge. Unlike cranes used in mobile or construction settings, our bridge cranes are typically used in maintenance and manufacturing settings where efficiency and downtown are considered critical. 
G-Rail™Max. Cap.Max. Span without TrussMax Span with Truss
C100100kg4m / 13'9m / 30'
C250250kg4m / 13'9m / 30'
C10001000kg4m / 13'9m / 30'
C20002000kg4m / 13'9m / 30'

G-Rail™ Overhead Crane Capacity

At Givens Engineering, our G-Rail bridge cranes are designed and manufactured to meet the specification of your work setting and production requirements. Below we have outlined the various capacities available, comparing the maximum capacities with maximum spans with and without the truss to help you determine the ideal bridge crane for your applications.
The maximum bridge crane capacity of the G-Rail™ rail already takes into account its self-weight and the weight of one trolley and one hoist. That is, the capacity refers to the weight hung below the hoist hook.

Custom Overhead Crane Solutions

The team of experienced engineers, designers and manufacturers at Givens are proud to offer custom solutions for your unique applications. For more information about our specially manufactured bridge cranes and to determine the ideal bridge crane solution, contact our team today.

Glossary of Terms Related to Bridge Cranes

Span: The distance along a rail from the center of one support to the center of another. In the case of a bridge crane, for example, Span is the distance between runways.
Capacity: The maximum load that the G-Rail bridge crane can safely withstand, not including the weight of the hoist.
Capacity Without a Slant Truss: The capacity of a G-Rail without a Slant Truss attached. Trusses can be added or taken away, depending on the load and the span.
Capacity With a Slant Truss: The capacity of a G-Rail overhead crane after a Slant Truss has been attached to the top of a G-Rail. The slant truss will typically multiply the capacity of a rail.
Maximum Span without a Slant Truss: The maximum span that a G-Rail bridge crane can safely withstand for a given load, without a truss.
Maximum Span with a Slant Truss: The maximum span that a G-Rail overhead crane can safely withstand for a given load, with a truss attached. 

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