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Stacker Cranes

The stacker runs on 2 overhead bridges, which in turn run on 2 runways, providing North-South-East-West movement. A set of forks (or grippers) run up and down 2 vertical columns.

Graphic of a stacker crane
Custom stacker crane lifting metal materials

Capacities can be 100kg, 250kg, 500kg, 1,000kg and 2,000kg. The heavier capacities require tractor drives, with on-demand thrust in any direction. Turning the stacker (spinning about a vertical axis) is always done by human power on frictionless bearings.

In this video, the stacker moves partly under human power and partly by tractor drives, controlled entirely by the operator.

Usually, the crane columns have to be spaced outside of the rack so that the runways can pass over or outside of the rack.

A manually controlled stacker crane

The stacker can be electrically-powered or air-powered. It can be manually-controlled, as is pictured, or automated.

A warehouse rack or cantilevered rack is a very efficient way of storing material, but only if the right type of crane is available for loading and unloading.

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A G-Rail crane lifting materials in a factory