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Workstation Bridge Cranes

G-Rail™ Workstation Bridge Crane

A workstation crane is a bridge crane dedicated to one task, usually one single process in manufacturing. Many cranes are general-purpose, where many workers lift various loads. A workstation crane lifts one or a few loads in a small, dedicated area.

What’s Different About a Workstation Bridge Crane?

A distinguishing feature of the workstation bridge crane is the presence of an end effector, which is a device custom-built to attach to or grip one specific product. The end effector is usually permanently connected to the hoist via a cable or chain and a coiled air line.

C250 workstation crane to handle sheetmetal parts using a magnetic end effector

C250 workstation crane with a slide column (not a hoist) for handling radiator parts

A workstation crane is smaller and local, so that often, a multi-ton crane that is part of the building will pass over the workstation crane.

C1000 workstation crane for lifting heavy bases, working under the house crane.

Free-standing G-Rail Workstations 

Our G-Rail workstation cranes are lightweight and free-standing. They can be erected on a weekend with a 2-man crew. If the location of the crane has to be changed, the crane can typically be moved in one or 2 days. Often just one airline is the only energy required to power the crane. No foundations are needed for G-Rail cranes; 4 chemical anchors per column are all that is needed.   

C250 workstation crane for handling batteries. Note the Slide-Column that acts in place of a hoist

G-Rail workstation cranes are truly free-standing! We use larger columns than most cranes to limit sway and vibration. Other crane suppliers suggest tying their cranes to building columns for stability; this would never be allowed by most building designers. 

Workstation Bridge Cranes in Your Production Facility

Workstation cranes are often set up over conveyors and robots. In the case of robotic cells, the crane is usually installed as a backup in case the robot stops working.

C500 workstation crane handling steering linkages. Two conveyors enter the crane and parts are loaded into dunnage on 2 outgoing

C500 workstation crane for handling coils along an aisleway

Optimize Your Operations with Workstation Bridge Cranes 

Discover how you can enhance your operational efficiency with workstation bridge cranes. To find out more about how G-Rail workstation cranes could benefit your operation, call or email anytime. 

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