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Caliper Brakes

Pneumatic Caliper Brakes

The STD-B and STD-BL series of pneumatic brakes are lightweight floating calipers designed for use on fixed discs.

Our brakes have been optimized for static loads and low speed applications. Our brakes are ideally suited to preventing an axis of a fixture, manipulator or lift assist from rotating.

Our pneumatic brakes incorporate springs in the cylinders so that if there is a loss of air pressure the brakes will retain some clamping force.

The caliper body is machined and anodized from billet aluminum. The brake pad is sintered metallic.

Pneumatic Disc Brakes by Givens Engineering Inc.
Caliper brakes by Givens Engineering Inc.
STD-BL with mounting bracket and brake disc. Disc and mounting bracket are not included.


Brake Model #Clamping Force @ 100 PSIMax Disc ThicknessMax Disc Drag @ 100 PSI (μ=0.25)Max Operating Pressure
STD-B490 lb.38″250 lb120 psi
STD-BL175 lb.19″90 lb120 psi

Brake Torque (inlbs) = Clamping Force (lb) X Disc Radius (in)
Brake Torque (ftlbs) = ( Clamping Force (lb) X Disc Radius (in) ) / 12

	STD-B/BL Pneumatic Brake CAD by Givens Engineering Inc.

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