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Since 1993, Givens Engineering has been creating custom conveyors, industrial conveyor system assemblies and material handling solutions for a wide range of businesses and industries worldwide. We are proud to provide our customers with high quality, specially designed and manufactured products that will allow them to improve business operations and increase efficiency. 

Custom-Built Conveyors

Our team of seasoned professionals are experienced in creating customized conveyor solutions for even the most challenging of projects. The designers, welders, machinists and electricians at Givens Engineering all have extensive experience working with many different types of conveyors and industrial conveyor systems. No challenge is too big for our team - we look forward to the opportunity to develop custom conveyor solutions for our clients and the wide range of industries they are built for. We design and manufacture everything in-house and our conveyors are installed by experienced professionals. 

Each conveyor that is built by Givens Engineering, begins with creativity and exceptional planning and ingenuity. Conveyor designs are often approved by Professional Engineers and are always presented to clients for approval before production to ensure the design meets your specific needs

Customized Conveyors Built to Suit Your Needs

Whatever your unique conveyor needs might be, Givens Engineering can build it – on time and made to meet your requirements. Contact our team of experienced professionals to find out about the wide range of custom conveying solutions we can design and manufacture to match your specific needs.
Gravity conveyor for plastic bins with pneumatic pop-up rollers for cross-transfer

Complex Conveyors

Givens Engineering offers custom components and solutions based on the unique needs of your project. Often, conveyors are part of a system that integrates cranes, manipulators, and automated machinery that can be controlled electronically or pneumatically.

Types of Conveyors and Conveyor Solutions 

 • Accumulating Conveyors
 • Apron/ Slat
 • Ball Transfer
 • Belt Conveyors
 • Chain Driven Conveyors
 • Gravity Conveyors
 • Over/ Under Conveyors
 • Pallet Conveyors
 • Powered Conveyors
 • Powered Roller
 • Roller
 • Walking Beam
 • Lane Guiding
 • Pushers
Exit-end gates detail
Turntable with auto stops at bottom of lanes
Conveyor controls by Givens Engineering Inc. manufactured in Canada.
Conveyor Controls by Givens Engineering Inc. manufactured in Canada.
Transport dolly for steering rack assemblies. Interfaces & transfers part directly with line side flow rack (gravity fed).
Accepts conveyance dolly (left), gravity fed chutes transfer parts directly to an assembly line. Flow rack simultaneously transfers used part cradles to the dolly.
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