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Crane Hoists

Hoists and balancers do the active lifting in many crane applications and accomplish this with electric power or compressed air power.
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Zero-G Servo Hoist

The Zero-G Servo Hoist by Givens Engineering is a servo-motor driven hoist without up/down pushbuttons. Simply grab the handle and pull up or down for seamless and smooth travel.

The speed of travel is determined by the amount of force the operator uses on the handle.

For more info, see the Zero-G product page.

Hoists Overview

Hoists are powered mechanical lifting devices that do the active lifting in many crane applications. Hoists use chain to support the load being lifted and will have a pendant with up/down push buttons. Hoists can be powered by electricity or compressed air.

Electric hoists range from single phase 110V to 3 phase 600V with options for single and dual speeds or VFD motors to make movements smoother.

Air hoists require compressed dry air and depending on the model, may require an oiler. Air hoists can be powered with as little as 65psi of power depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.  

Balancers Overview

Balancers are pneumatic lifting devices that use steel cable or chain. They can be configured in several ways for up/down control such as free hanging pendants, inline cable pendant, or a floating mode with no pendant.

Balancers are best suited to lifting applications that are less than 1000lbs, however their capacities are based on 100psi of air pressure so a lower air supply will reduce the rated capacity of the balancer.   

Manual Chain Hoists Overview

Manual hoists are also known as lever hoists or chain-fall hoists. Manual hoists require the operator to physically actuate a lever, or to pull on the chain fall to index the chain up or down. These are very cost effective solutions for applications that have a low frequency of use or where electricity or compressed air is not accessible. 

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