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Custom Machinery

Custom Machinery

We Design!

Every machine we manufacture is created entirely in-house, from design to machining to programming. Every design is unique for the situation at hand.

Every design begins with creativity to match your requirements. Drawings are always passed on to the customer for approval before anything is built. In most cases, the design is submitted to a Professional Engineer for strength analysis.   
Automated seat transfer showing a seat entering the system.
4 Automated nutrunners for a car body part that spread out after passing through a small opening . This assembly is carried by an overhead crane.
Control panels for the above nutrunner system, including PLC.

Electrical Panels

We design the electrical system to suit the requirements of the project and then build the panels, wire and program. HMI interfaces are a routine part of any control system. We can program in a number of different PLC platforms.

Our staff includes an electrical Professional Engineer and licensed electricians. 

 Every job ends with mechanical and electrical installation by our
experienced team.

Previous Projects

The following are examples of custom machinery solutions that we have provided for our customers.
Custom Industrial Machinery by Givens Engineering Inc. manufactured in Canada.
Weld Manipulator / Fixture
Weld manipulator for cab frames. The manipulator lifts and lowers the cab, rotates it upside down and spins it on a turntable for 3 axes of movement. The cab can be held at virtually any angle for welding, controls are pneumatic.
custom material skid inverter by Givens Engineering Inc.
Material Skid Inverter
Stacks of aluminum are set into the inverter by forklift. The inverter slowly and safely rotates the load upside down 180°.
custom automotive seat assembly bench by Givens Engineering Inc.
Automotive Seat Assembly Bench
Accommodates unloading of seat assembly from end effector. Table height is adjustable via. manually operated hydraulic legs.
custom scissor lift cart by Givens Engineering Inc.
Scissor Lift Cart
Custom-built cart for lifting auto bodies in and out of a fixture. Controls are pneumatic, lift cylinders are hydraulic.
Custom assembly fixtures by Givens Engineering Inc. manufactured in Canada.
Assembly Fixture
Assembly fixture for lamp modules with 90° rotation to enable a crane to lift assemblies away.
PLC-controlled lifting device with 180° rollover. The unit hangs from a crane and hydraulically spins a truck frame.
Raku / Seat Slider by Givens Engineering Inc.
Raku / Seat Slider
Slide seat syncs to a moving car on an assembly line, allowing an operator to install equipment inside the car while remaining seated. The seat slides out into the vehicle while the operator sits on the round cushion.
Rollover Lift Assist by Givens Engineering Inc.
Rollover Lift Assist
PLC-controlled lifting device with 180° rollover. The unit hangs from a crane and hydraulically spins a truck frame.
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