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Robot EOAT

Pneumatic and Electric End Effectors for Robot Tooling

Givens Engineering Inc. designs and manufactures custom pneumatic, electric, & vacuum, powered end effectors to be mounted onto end of arm robotic tooling (EOAT). 

Powered end effectors can incorporate a variety of movements to align a part between multiple pick up and set down orientations. Givens Engineering’s end effector tooling is designed to help factories and industrial manufacturers maneuver parts between operations or accommodate several different model variations. Machined aluminum is commonly used in our EOAT designs to reduce the weight while keeping the strength high. We prioritize light weight designs for end effectors so that you can get the most out of your robot’s payload.

High capacity electric gripper with 500 lbs of grip (patent pending) mounted to an ABB robot.
EOAT for dispensing sealant, mounted to a UR cobot
Exhaust gripper for XY robotic EOAT with integrated 90 degree tilt.
Pneumatic gripper made from machined 6061 T6 aluminum.
Robot EOAT gripper

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