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Engineering Services

Givens Engineering offers a range of essential engineering services that are tailored to suit your needs, from pre-start health and safety reviews (PSRs) that identify potential hazards and ensure legal requirements are met to comprehensive mechanical engineering solutions for successful project execution. We also specialize in annual inspections for cranes and lifting devices, preventing accidents and maintaining a sterling reputation. Don’t overlook the significance of these vital engineering services – protect your employees and secure your business’s future.

Providing Professional Engineering Services Across Canada

Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews from Givens Engineering.

Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews

Pre-start health and safety reviews are not just a legal requirement but a vital step toward identifying potential hazards and implementing necessary safety measures. By understanding the purpose and process of these reviews, businesses can avoid costly accidents, protect their employees, and maintain a positive reputation.

Professional Mechanical Engineering Services

When it comes to mechanical engineering, it is crucial to have the right professionals on board to ensure the success of your project. From concept development to detailed design and prototyping, Givens Engineering will provide comprehensive solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Annual Inspections for Cranes and Lifting Devices from Givens Engineering.

Annual Inspections for Cranes and Lifting Devices

Cranes and lifting devices are subject to wear and tear and potential mechanical failures. These issues can go unnoticed without regular inspections, resulting in accidents and injuries or worse. Avoid putting your organization at risk by trusting the team at Givens Engineering to perform detailed inspections.

Work with a Team of Trusted Engineers

With our team of experienced engineers, we ensure high-quality and efficient engineering services, delivering exceptional results that exceed client expectations. We are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to help solve complex engineering challenges. Contact us to learn more and experience the difference of working with a dedicated and reliable professional partner.