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Monorail PSRs

Givens Engineering provides PSR services for monorails. Monorails are lifting devices where a hoist can move along a single overhead crane rail. Because monorail cranes are lifting devices, they require a PSR (or PSHSR) in the province of Ontario. 

A PSR is a Prestart Health and Safety Review which is required by the Ontario Health and Safety Act, Reg 851, Section 7 for “a travelling crane or other lifting device suspended from or supported by a structure”. 

How Does a Monorail PSR Start?

The starting point for a PSR on a monorail crane is to determine if there is a drawing, sealed by a Professional Engineer licensed in Ontario, that accurately represents the crane. If no such drawing exists, most engineers will not begin the PSR.

What Happens During a Monorail PSR?

The PSR would consist of a site visit to look at the monorail and how it is installed, followed up by a report. 

The report would consist of 3 parts: 

  1. Scope of Work, describing the monorail crane requiring the PSR and delineating what surrounding equipment is not part of the PSR. 
  1. Observations and Deficiencies, which is the bulk of the report, contains written observations, layouts, photographs, etc., and ends with a list of deficiencies, if there are any. 
  1. Letter of Compliance, which is what a Ministry of Labour inspector will ask to see as proof that a PSR has been done, and which usually states that the monorail is compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act providing that a number of deficiencies are corrected. 

Monorail PSR Exemptions

Exemptions do exist for PSRs: 

  • Monorail cranes that are mounted to a structure that was originally designed for the crane are exempt from a PSR. 
  • Moving a monorail crane system, without modifying it, are exempt from a PSR. 

Challenges with Monorail PSRs

A monorail crane supported by the building in some way, for example by roof trusses, presents a special problem. A PSR must require proof that a structural engineer has assessed the strength of the ceiling. But in practice, such an assessment has not usually been done, or if it has, the documentation has been lost. Also, most industrial buildings are made to support snow and wind loads only, and very little else. An analysis of the strength of the roof must be done, even though it may be costly and may end in a requirement for reinforcing the roof structure.

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