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Custom Lifting Equipment and Automated Material-Handling Solutions for Manufacturing Industries

For over twenty years, Givens Engineering has been providing the highest quality lifting equipment and material handling solutions to businesses throughout Canada. Our clients include businesses from a wide range of industries and specializations, all of which require unique cranes, manipulators, and lifting solutions that are designed and manufactured specifically to meet the needs of their businesses.

A Dedicated Team Who Understands the Needs of Each Industry

The team at Givens Engineering is comprised of mechanical engineers, designers, machinists, millwrights and control specialists who possess a wide range of expertise within their field. We understand the unique needs of the industries we serve and are proud to create custom solutions to work with the unique settings and processes of each industry.

Industries We Serve

Givens Engineering is proud to create custom overhead cranes, manipulators and material handling solutions for a wide range of industries including:

Automotive Industry

At Givens Engineering, we are proud to provide custom lifting solutions that are designed for the unique needs of automotive production facilities. For each and every stage of the automotive manufacturing process, we build custom cranes and manipulators to help automotive manufacturers improve workflow and operations. We provide high quality, custom engineered cranes and material handling solutions for auto parts makers and auto assembly plants throughout Canada, including Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Chrysler, Magna, TRW, Dynamig, Dana, TS Tech, Denso, Martinrea, Daimler and more.

Industrial Manufacturing

Heavy-duty, custom-engineered lifting equipment created to improve the workflow in manufacturing facilities throughout Canada. We have provided coil hooks, magnets, grippers, tongs and a wide variety of other equipment for manufacturers, including Ipex, Bosch, Bombardier, General Electric, Caterpillar, NovarcTech, National Steel Car and more.
Food Processing & Manufacturing

Food Processing & Pharmaceuticals

Custom material-handling solutions designed to improve efficiency and productivity within the food and beverage industry, from manufacturing to processing and distribution. We have developed a line of stainless-steel cranes and custom lifting equipment designed to withstand wash-downs in very clean environments for companies such as Nestle, Campbell Soup, McCormick, Green Valley, Parmalat and more.
Truck Manufacturing

Truck Manufacturing

We have produced a wide variety of equipment for handling truck parts, such as structural channels, bumpers, batteries, fuel tanks, seats, etc.
Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication & Processing

We create coil hooks, grippers, cranes, grabs and special-purpose lifting devices to handle metal of all shapes. Our equipment is in use at ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Atlas Tube, Kaiser Aluminum and Algoma Steel.
Paper Mills & Paper Rolls

Roll Handling & Production

Lifting equipment and roll-handling solutions specially designed for handling rolls of plastic, paper, film, wrap, vinyl and sheetmetal, for firms such as: Berry Plastics, Lanxess, Malpack, Shaw and Protectall.
Aircraft & Aerospace

Aircraft & Aerospace

We develop custom lifting solutions for aerospace firms such as: Boeing, Heroux-Devtek, Innovontor. NASA, Magellan, Raytheon and GKN.
Each piece of automated material-handling machinery we create is custom designed and engineered to meet your specific requirements. Contact our team to receive a quote or to discuss your industry and business needs.
Contact our team to receive a quote or to discuss your industry and business needs.