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Cranes and Material Handling Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Givens Engineering has manufactured lifting equipment for every automotive part imaginable. Cranes and material handling solutions are a key driver in lowering production costs and improving workplace safety in the automotive industry. Leading automotive businesses in Canada trust the team of experienced engineers at Givens Engineering to deliver custom cranes and high-quality lifting equipment unlike any other in the industry.

We deliver the highest quality custom industrial manipulators, cranes, and end effectors – all designed for automotive manufacturing settings to improve workplace performance, increase production and profitability and keep workers safe.  

Industrial Manipulators for Automotive Manufacturing from Givens Engineering

Givens Engineering Delivers the Highest Quality Custom Cranes & Lifting Equipment for the Canadian Automotive Sector

Industry-Leading Custom Cranes for the Automotive Sector  

The automotive industry continues to envision and deliver cutting-edge designs and vehicles. The ever-changing nature of car manufacturing often requires customized automotive industry lift equipment. Givens Engineering has earned a leading reputation for innovative lift equipment designs tailored to manufacturers’ evolving needs.

Cranes Designed with Safety in Mind

The benefits of integrating Smart technology into the crane and lift equipment cannot be understated. Items such as enhanced speed, positioning, and sway controls, as well as snag prevention designs deliver the built-in measures required to improve workplace safety. Givens designs reduce the risk of accidents, damage, and worker injury.

Specialized Load Transportation

Companies that select cranes for automotive sector operations often require heavy parts and materials to be transported within a warehouse or factory. This requires agile and sometimes customized lift equipment that can handle large loads. Givens separates itself from outfits that craft only standardized products by deigning specialized load-moving equipment.

Improved Automation for Auto Manufacturers

Auto industry outfits require smooth-running assembly lines. That means bringing together a variety of reliable equipment to keep the production line running efficiently. Primary automation equipment must be supported by conveyors, components, and custom machinery to seamlessly move a vehicle from the drawing board to a dealer’s lot. It’s essential to work with a crane and lift designer that can bring all the moving parts together.

End Effector for Maneuvering Fuel Tanks from Givens Engineering
Slide Column manipulator equipped with a battery end effector for use in auto assembly

Leading Supplier of Automotive Manufacturing Lifting Equipment

Givens Engineering is proud to be the leading manufacturer of custom cranes and lifting equipment for the automotive sector throughout Canada. We proudly supply material handling solutions to automotive manufacturers such as: 

  • Toyota 
  •  Honda 
  •  General Motors 
  •  Chrysler 
  •  Magna 
  •  TRW
  • Dynamig 
  •  Dana 
  •  TS Tech 
  •  Denso 
  •  Martinrea 
  •  Daimler

Innovative Automotive Industry Lifting Equipment You Can Trust

Givens Engineering has been delivering top-tier lift and crane equipment to automotive industry companies for more than 25 years. As an industry leader in the field of crane, lift, and automation, our team of experienced professionals are skilled at crafting niche designs to resolve production impediments in the changing auto industry.

The automotive sector has embraced emerging technologies that have impressively altered the nature and design of tomorrow’s vehicles. These innovations require the support of cutting-edge cranes, lift equipment, and automation that Givens Engineering delivers. 

Industrial Manipulators and Lifting Equipment for Automotive Manufacturing in Canada

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