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Cranes and Lifting Equipment for Food Processing and Pharmaceuticals

The cranes and lifting equipment for food processing and pharmaceuticals must meet heightened requirements when being designed for these specialized industries. It is not uncommon for food processing and pharmaceutical outfits to be tasked with managing cumbersome containers that include fragile products and materials. Compounding the need for specialized cranes and lifting equipment for food processing and pharmaceuticals, government oversight and consumer expectations requires the highest levels of environmental cleanliness. That’s why organizations tasked with handling these unique loads rely on the industry-leading industrial light cranes, lift equipment and conveyors developed by Givens Engineering.

Givens Engineering Delivers Quality Cranes and Lifting Equipment for Food Processing

At Givens Engineering, our team of experienced professionals design niche lift equipment that exceeds the industry standards for effectiveness and hygiene. One of the critical factors necessary to the food processing industry is working with machinery that stands the test of time. In this niche sector, lift equipment must exceed mere reliability expectations. The components must resist the adverse effects of water, dust, and airborne particles. It is simply unacceptable for these cranes and lift equipment to rust or attract grime. That is why Givens Engineering creates lift equipment specifically designed to deter rust and build-ups. We deliver quality stainless-steel cranes and end effectors specially designed for wash-down environments that feature open-architecture components that easily shed water.

Specialized Cranes and Lifting Equipment for Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Production

Givens Engineering Delivers Industry-Leading Cranes and Lifting Equipment for Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry faces unique challenges in the way companies handle chemical agents, packaging, and products, among others. Like the food processing industry, cranes and lift equipment must be corrosion resistant. But the specialized production and warehousing needs of the pharmaceutical sector often calls for innovative designs. We design cranes and lifting equipment to seamlessly fit into evolving spaces and efficiently manipulate products and packaging.

As the top manufacturer of light cranes and industrial manipulators in Canada, our team of experts has been serving industries such as food processing and pharmaceuticals for more than 25 years. During that time, our team has garnered the experience necessary to lead the way as companies expand and innovate. If you are considering implementing strategic change and require next generation lift and crane equipment, contact Givens Engineering and schedule a consultation.