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Jib Cranes

G-Rail™ Jib Cranes – Rethinking the Jib Crane...

At Givens Engineering, we manufacture our jib cranes to be the lightest in the industry. This minimizes the rotational momentum, which is important when working with this style of crane. The Jib Crane installation process is quick and efficient because often there is no expensive foundation to be installed.
J250 Jib Crane by Givens Engineering Inc.
Up to 2000kg – J250 Jib Crane, 4m Boom
Standard rotational softstop (black sleeve),
Optional brake, Optional intermediate stop (red ring)
Standard rotational softstop (black sleeve), Optional brake, Optional intermediate stop (red ring)

Jib Crane Advantages

Lightweight Boom

Typically, jib cranes are avoided by engineers due to the momentum of the boom which can slow down the operator. At Givens Engineering, we have created one of the most lightweight booms on the market to ease this common problem. 

Our jib cranes are lightweight thanks to the G-Rail profiles which provide a higher moment-of-inertia to weight ratio. These jib cranes also have an unusually high torsional stiffness compared to traditional profiles; the height of the profile is much greater that the width, maximizing the stiffness-to-weight ratio.              
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Foundation-less Jib Cranes

Our jib crane baseplates are unusually large, so that in most cases, the jib crane can be bolted directly to a factory concrete floor. However, all jib crane installation details must be specified by a Professional Engineer.   

Power Rotation

Our customized jib cranes include the option to add an air tractor when power rotation is needed. Our cranes also allow for loads to moved manually; simply disengage the tractor drive with the push of a button. 

Types of Jib Cranes

Givens Engineering creates customized jib cranes to suit your industry or job-at-hand. For example, here are the two specialty types of jib cranes we engineer and manufacture in-house:

Articulated Jib Cranes

Articulated jib cranes are ideal for situations where there are obstructions or limitations that a straight jib crane cannot accommodate.

Stainless Steel Jib Cranes

Stainless Steel jib cranes are manufactured for material handling to withstand repeated wash-downs and allow for water to shed off the unit quickly.  

For more information about jib cranes and customized lifting systems, contact the professionals at Givens Engineering.
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