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Jib Crane Dimensions

Choosing the Right Jib Crane Size

At Givens, we are proud to provide customized jib cranes that are made to meet the needs of your unique business and job at hand using a variety of jib crane dimensions. Whether you’re looking for specially-designed articulated jib cranes or stainless-steel jib cranes, our expert team has developed the reputation for designing and manufacturing some of the most light-weight cranes in the industry. 

It’s important to note that not all jib cranes are created equally. The charts below can help you best identify which jib crane would be best suited for your specific application based on load capacity, HUB (Height Under Boom) as well as the specific boom length.

Column Sizes for G-Rail Jib Cranes
100kg Capacity J100 BOOM LENGTH
HUB 2m [6’7”] 3m [9’10”] 4m [13’2”] 5m [16’5”]
3.25m [10’8”] 7×7 7×7 8×8 10×10
4.00m [13’1”] 7×7 8×8 8×8 10×10
250kg Capacity J250
3.25m [10’8”] 8×8 10×10 10×10 10×10
4.00m [13’1”] 10×10 10×10 10×10 10×10
500kg Capacity J500
3.25m [10’8”] 10×10 (H) 10×10 (H) 12X12 12X12
4.00m [13’1”] 10×10 (H) 10×10 (H) 12X12 12X12
1000kg Capacity J1000
3.25m [10’8”] 12X12 12X12 12X12(H) 12X12(HH)
4.00m [13’1”] 12X12 12X12 12X12(HH) N/A
2000kg Capacity J2000
3.25m [10’8”] Ø14″ Ø16″ Ø16″(XH) Ø18″(XH)
4.00m [13’1”] Ø14″ Ø16″ Ø18″(XH) Ø18″(XH)
*NOTE: (H) is heavy, (HH) is heavier, (XH) is extra heavy. Other HUBs are available upon request.

How to Select the Appropriate Jib Crane Dimensions

  1. Select the load capacity
  2. Choose the HUB (Height Under Boom)
  3. Choose the Boom length
  4. Check jib crane dimensions below
Custom Jib Crane Boom Lengths by Givens Engineering Inc. in Canada
Custom Jib Crane dimensions by Givens Engineering Inc. in Canada
Baseplate and “DC” Dimension  
Column Size Base Plate Size “DC” J100/250 “DC” J1000 “DC” J2000
7″ x 7″ 30″ x 30″ x 5/8″ 12.50” N/A N/A
8″ x 8″ 38″ x 38″ x 3/4″ 13.2” N/A N/A
10″ x 10″ 48″ x 48″ x 3/4″ 15.3” 17.9” N/A
12″ x 12″ 60″ x 60″ x 1″ N/A 19.4” N/A
Ø14″ PIPE 60″ x 60″ x 1.25″ N/A N/A 22.5”
Ø16″ PIPE 60″ x 60″ x 1.25″ N/A N/A 23.5”
Ø18″ PIPE 69″ x 69″ x 1.25″ N/A N/A 24.5”
Other sizes are available, please call Givens Engineering for details.
Standard “DE”, “HF”, and “HB” Dimensions for Specific Boom Length
    J100 J250 J1000  J2000 Max. “DE” (TYP.)
Boom Length 2m [6’7”] “HF” 0.51m [1’8”] 0.51m [1’8”] 0.81m [2’8”] 0.97m [3’2”]   0.50m [1’8”]
“HB” 0.64m [2’1”] 0.64m [2’1”] 0.97m [3’2”] 1.14m [3’9”]
Boom Length 3m [9’10”] “HF” 0.61m [2’0”] 0.61m [2’0”] 0.81m [2’8”] 0.97m [3’2”]   0.75m [2’6”]
“HB” 0.74m [2’5”] 0.74m [2’5”] 0.97m [3’2”] 1.14m [3’9”]
Boom Length 4m [13’2”] “HF” 0.76m [2’6”] 0.76m [2’6”] 0.91m [3’0”] 1.17m [3’10”]   1.00m [3’4”]
“HB” 0.89m [2’11”] 0.89m [2’11”] 1.07m [3’6”] 1.35m [4’5”]
Boom Length 5m [16’5”] “HF” 0.86m [2’10”] 0.86m [2’10”] 1.02m [3’4”] 1.17m [3’10”]   1.00m [3’4”]
“HB” 0.99m [3’3”] 0.99m [3’3”] 1.17m [3’10”] 1.35m [4’5”]

For more information about our specially designed and manufactured jib cranes, contact the team of professional at Givens. We can help determine the most appropriate jib crane and dimensions to best suit your needs and we will also gladly provide information regarding customized and unique sizing options. 

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