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Low-Headroom Jib Cranes

Very often the project engineer encounters the typical “low-headroom problem” with jib cranes: an overhead obstruction restricts the height of a jib crane, but a load has to be lifted to a maximum height, as in this illustration:

Low headroom jib crane height

The Solution to Low-Headroom Lifts

When there is very little headroom, what’s needed is a very slender boom that just passes under the obstruction but maximizes the height of the hoist. This can be done with a steel I-beam, but then the operator is faced with the task of pulling the heavy I-beam back and forth all day as he or she works.

What’s needed is a lightweight, low-headroom solution.

We have just applied for a patent for a low-headroom, low weight jib crane, shown here:

J100LH low headroom jib crane
J100LH jib crane, with 100kg capacity

How Our Low-Headroom Jib Cranes Work

The low-headroom jib offers a very slender aluminum boom that is supported by a steel flatbar on top that runs some fraction of the length of the boom.

This is an example of a low-headroom 250-kg jib crane, this time with 2 aluminum rails, in a rail-on-rail configuration.

Low headroom jib crane with 2 aluminum rails

Lifting Heavier Loads with a Smaller Jib Crane

The steel flatbar withstands an extreme amount of tension while carrying the load. The aluminum rail experiences significant compression at the bottom of the rail where it contacts the steel upright:

An operator using a low headroom jib crane

Jib Crane Lifting Capacities

The Low-Headroom configuration is offered in 100kg, 250kg, and 500kg capacities.

A jib crane operating with low-headroom

Lift Efficiently, Even with Overhead Obstructions

The low-headroom G-Rail jib crane is a very low-weight configuration that offers a low profile that maximizes the amount of lift. This is a patent-pending solution that is not commercially available anywhere else.

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