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Air Tractor Drive for Bridge Cranes

STD-AT Air Tractor Drive

Powered Tractor Drive For Bridge Cranes

The STD-AT (Air Tractor Drive) is a friction wheel travel drive that moves a load along a bridge crane rail. The air tractor drives may be used to drive a hoist along a bridge, a bridge along a runway, a hoist along a monorail or a carriage along parallel rails. Unlike many friction wheel drives, the Air Tractor Drive is pneumatically powered and operated. 

The air tractor drive has a very high power density and is able to drive up to a 2000 lbs load along a level runway. The air motor provides high stall torque and can reverse direction nearly instantaneously.

Disengageable Air Tractor Drive

The force holding the tractor drive to the rail (the “tractive force”), is provided by an air cylinder. The air tractor drive can be disengaged from the rail remotely so that the load may coast freely if required. A regulator may be fitted before this cylinder to limit the tractive force of the drive (it is usually desirable for the tractor drive to slip when it encounters an obstacle). 

 The air tractor drive works with most brands of enclosed track including KBK/KLH/ALU. The air tractor drives can also accommodate curved sections in most enclosed track.

Tractor drive controls on hoist pendant
Tractor drive controls on hoist pendant

Air Tractor Drive Applications

  • Moves any hoist along a bridge
  • Moves any bridge along a crane
  • Can be synchronized to an assembly Line (requires additional components)
  • ‘Return to Home’ Function (requires additional components)
  • Ideal for trolley mounted, ergonomic lift assists (such as a manipulator)
  • Can be used to propel loads where operator effort would be too great. Air tractor drives can be installed in tandem to move even heavier loads

Air Tractor Drive Features

  • Anodized aluminum chassis 
  • Air driven / operated, air motor provides full torque at stall
  • Fast response, near instantaneous reversal of direction
  • Integrated wheel/gearbox results in a compact package
  • Drive wheel can be disengaged from the rail remotely
  • Works with I-beams, most brands of enclosed track (KBK, ALU, KLH). Non KBKII & IIL rails may require extra trolley adapters
  • Standard functions: Forward, Reverse, Automatic drive wheel engage/dis-engage, Manual drive wheel engage/dis-engage override. Control pendant available, but not included

Air Tractor Drive Specifications

Drive Force @ Max Velocity140 lbs @ 3.6 ft/sec (100 psi)
Drive Force @ Max Torque190 lbs @ 0.4 ft/sec (100 psi)
Air Consumption @ Max Velocity30 cfm
Maximum Operating Pressure100 psi
Mass62 lbs

Air Tractor Drive Dimensions

STD-AT Air Tractor Drive Dimensions by Givens Engineering Inc.
STD-AT Air Tractor Drive Dimensions
STD-AT Air Tractor Drive Dimensions

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