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Steel Coil, Bar & Plate Handling Lifting Equipment and Cranes

Givens Engineering proudly makes lifting devices to serve the steel coil, bar and plate manufacturing businesses in Canada. We offer custom designed and manufactured lifting equipment and cranes for steel, aluminum, and copper industries to support their unique production needs. We create the industry's leading fixtures, racks, tongs for rolls, carts and more – each precisely designed to improve steel coil, bar and plate movement within manufacturing settings.
An M120 manipulator lifts a 300lb copper block
A vacuum end effector lifts a sheet of steel. This end effector can be hung from a G-Rail bridge crane.

Leading Metal Manufacturing Lifting Equipment and Cranes

The Lightest Metal Manufacturing Cranes on The Market

When working with raw materials the weight and shape Is often too much for a single operator to move and position, whether It be in metal coil, bar, or plate form. Givens Engineering makes some of the lightest cranes in the industry because being able to move safely, quickly, and frequently should never be obstacle In your process. Everything we make is designed to be as lightweight and user friendly as possible.  
Specialty Hooks, Tongs & Magnets
Two custom lifting tongs

Specialty Hooks, Tongs & Magnets

Our specialty hooks and tongs, carrier beams, and magnets are uniquely designed for your workspace – custom designed to lift your piece safely and move it into place as quickly as the employees can work with the material. Pair your custom hooks and tongs with a lightweight G-Rail crane to maximize the efficiency of the movements in your process.

Lifting Equipment for Coils

We design, engineer, and fabricate coil hooks that are custom suited to your products and your existing equipment. We have been manufacturing coil hooks for customers across North America with capacities as high as 60,000lbs for use with our customer's multi ton cranes and forklifts.
A 50,000lb capacity custom designed coil hook
A 50,000lb capacity custom designed coil hook

Specialty Equipment and Custom Cranes for Steel Manufacturing

We know that each steel manufacturing business is different, and so is their production line. Our lifting equipment can be custom designed and built ergonomically for whatever projects your company is planning. We ensure the custom cranes and material handling equipment specific to metal coil, bar and plate handling are designed to integrate with your existing work operations and work setting.

Our talented engineers are prepared to discuss any specific needs you might have and determine a final equipment design that satisfies your production needs. Whether you work with odd shapes or need more versatility to use one machine for multiple types of projects, we can find a solution which will meet your production goals.
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