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Industrial Machine Components

At Givens Engineering, we design and manufacture the highest quality automated machine components and automation parts in the industry. Since 1993, our team of knowledgeable designers, machinists, engineers and millwrights have been creating industrial manipulators and custom solutions to meet the needs of our clients and their unique industry requirements. We offer caliper brakes, bearing blocks, handle bars as well as pneumatic grippers.  

Caliper Brakes

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Bearing Blocks

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Handle Bars

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Pneumatic Grippers

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Machine Components from Givens Engineering

At Givens Engineering, our industrial machine components are made to withstand frequent use, are lightweight and durable. Our team of industry experts are trusted and experienced in their field.

Pneumatic Caliper Brakes:

Our pneumatic caliper brakes are the lightest in the industry and are made to brake static and low-speed rotating machine parts. Manufactured with the use of springs, in the event of loss of air pressure, they will maintain some of the clamping force.

Bearing Blocks:

Our highly engineered square style of bearing blocks are unique in industry and provide rotation with large overhanging loads when used with ergonomic manipulators and end effectors. They combine the benefits of the common pillow-block bearing and the slewing bearing.

Handle Bars:

Our lightweight aluminum handle bars feature pneumatic controls that can be configured to meet specific needs. They feature the industry-known and reliable Humphrey valves and can be customized by adjusting handle angle and spacing.

Pneumatic Grippers:

Givens Engineering manufactures high quality and lightweight pneumatic grippers that are ideal for handling large and heavy parts up to 300 lbs. They allow for a variety of mounting adjustments and are ideal to integrate with cranes, manipulators and end effectors.

For custom engineered machine components and parts, trust the dedicated professionals at Givens Engineering. Contact us today to discuss your specific project needs.

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