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Custom Tool Holders

Toolholder by Givens Engineering Inc. manufactured in Canada.

Custom Tool Holders

Givens Engineering can design and build custom accessories for your torque arm application.
A close up of a
A close up of a "Trombone" for a nutrunner, which holds the nut while the bolt is tightened.
In the image above, notice the shot pin at the right, which locks the nutrunner at different angles. When a trombone is used, there is always the possibility of "torque lock", which makes it impossible to remove the tool from the tightened fastener. To prevent this, we provide an anti-torque-lock device that allows the nutrunner to move free of the fastener.

Other Torque Tools

Have an unusual application? Let Givens Engineering design and build a custom tool.

Nutrunner Tool Holders

We create a wide variety of custom tool holders! If you need your nutrunner to pivot, spin or lock in several positions, we can make it happen. Our large engineering staff and fully-equipped machine shop turn out a huge volume of tooling and machinery of all types on a continuous basis.
Toolholder by Givens Engineering Inc. manufactured in Canada.
1820 Torque arm by Givens Engineering Inc. manufactured in Canada.
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