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Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews

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Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSRs, or PSHSRs) are required by Ontario Regulation 851, Section 7. There are 8 categories of situations that require PSRs:

  1. Where flammable liquids are stored or dispensed. 
  2. Machinery with safeguarding devices to signal the machinery to stop. 
  3. Racks and stacking structures. 
  4. Processes that involve a risk of ignition or explosion. 
  5. Dust collectors that involve a risk of ignition or explosion. 
  6. Foundries handling molten metal. 
  7. Cranes and lifting devices. 
  8. Processes that create chemical or biological substances that may be dangerous.

Of these 8, Givens Engineering Inc. offers PSRs on equipment under 2) Machinery with safeguarding devices and 7) Cranes and Lifting Devices. A PSR is conducted by a Professional Engineer licensed in Ontario, often working with other unlicensed engineers, or electricians, etc. Our PSRs are broken into 3 sections: 

  1. Scope of work, which defines why a PSR is required and exactly what equipment will be studied 
  2. Observations and Deficiencies, which includes a detailed study of the equipment, often with photos or tables, and which ends by listing deficiencies, if any; this forms the bulk of the PSR 
  3. A Letter of Compliance, which normally states that the equipment complies with Regulation 851, providing that deficiencies (if any) are corrected; this letter is what the Ministry of Labour Inspector requires when he sees new equipment

Our engineers and staff are very experienced with both machinery and lifting equipment: 

  1. We have a fully-equipped machine/fab shop that creates a wide variety of machinery on a continuous basis 
  2. We are Canada’s largest manufacturer of free-standing manipulator arms 
  3. We are only one of two manufacturers of lightweight aluminum cranes in Canada  
PSRs typically require at least 2 weeks to be done properly, depending on workload, however, they can be done faster if needed.  

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 Ray Givens P.Eng., President  
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