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Zero-G™ Servo Hoist

Servo Hoist Overview 

The Zero-G servo hoist helps to improve the speed, precision, and ergonomics beyond that of a conventional push button hoist.   

Zero-G does not require up/down push buttons.  Instead the operator applies a small force to the handle grip and the hoist moves at a speed proportional to the force applied to the grip.  The Zero-G responds instantly with a correlating up or down movement. 

The maximum capacity of the Zero-G is 300lbs               
Crane Hoist

Float Mode

Zero-G features a “float mode” for precise movements.  After pressing the float mode button an operator can push directly on the part and carefully position it into a fixture, for example.  Press the button again to exit float mode.

The display shows the Zero-G’s current status, as well as the approximate weight of the load supported. 
Crane Hoist
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