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Bridge Crane Dimensions

Dimensions of G-Rail Overhead Cranes

Overall Bridge Crane Height = HUB+(HB or HR)

Sample Front View of Single Bridge Crane System

1 Meter ≈ 3.28 Feet

HB mm[in]
C1000795[31.3] 1015[40.0] 1105[43.6] 1190[46.9] 1280[50.4]1370[54.0]
C2000 946[37.3]1125[44.3] 1210[47.7]1300[51.2]1385[54.6] 1475[58.1]
HR mm[in]
C2000 946[37.3]1060[41.8]1150[45.3]1240[48.9]1325[52.2]1415[55.8]
Sample Side View of a Single Bridge System
Standard HUB
2.50m / 98.4”
3.25m / 128”
4.00m / 157.5”
4.75m / 187”
Example: For estimating the overall height for a standard 4.0m HUB, C250G-Rail™ bridge crane that has a 7.0 m bridge span and 6.0 m runway span. 

For C250 bridge crane rail, 7.0m Bridge span, “HB” is 1020mm 

For C250 bridge crane rail, 6.0m Runway span, “HR” is 805mm 

Overall Bridge Crane Height = 4000mm + 1020mm = 5020mm or 5.02m
Maximum loaded bridge crane rail overhangs can be increased in many cases, but only after approval from the engineers at Givens Engineering. Maximum bridge span of 9m can also be increased in some cases, with engineering approval.
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