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G-Rail™ Bridge Crane Track Profiles

Bridge Crane Track Profiles by Givens Engineering Inc.

G-Rail™ Bridge Crane Track Profiles

C100 Aluminum Profile
Nominal 100kg capacity, 130mm x 55mm
C250 Aluminum Profile 
Nominal 250kg capacity, 150mm x 70mm 
C1000 Aluminum Profile 
Nominal 1000kg capacity, 250mm x 110mm 
C2000 Aluminum Profile 
Nominal 2000kg capacity, 295mm x 130mm 

These G-Rail™ shapes feature an extremely high moment-of-inertia (stiffness) to weight ratio. They also have an unusually high torsional stiffness compared to most traditional bridge crane rail profiles. Notice how high the profile is relative to its width -- maximizing the stiffness-to-weight ratio.
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